At RG Consulting, our mission is to build and provide homes for our community’s most vulnerable populations. We dedicate years of experience in large-scale construction to the creation of affordable and supportive housing and the contribution of real value to our communities.

We establish trusting partnerships with our clients to help lead a building process that is an honest and effective collaboration.

Projects of this magnitude require teamwork and cooperation, but they rarely proceed without conflict or setbacks. RG Consulting goes beyond “on time and on budget” to solve problems before they obstruct progress.  We establish a dynamic dialogue between all parties—builders, public representatives, architects, owners, contractors, etc.—so that efficiency is the norm.  We manage the multitude of detail-intensive elements that go into a successful project, such as supervising the expediting and pre-design process, integrating design and budget concerns, and advising contract negotiations to coordinate a harmonious construction project.